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1HP Stainless Submersible Pump JDP750S-1

1HP Stainless Submersible Pump JDP750S-1

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💪 Superior Performance

Equipped with a powerful 1HP motor, this submersible pump offers an impressive water flow rate of up to 3900GPH.Additionally, the pump comes with 1 NPT straight adapter, and a Multi-hose Adapter that fits 36mm, NPT1", and 26mm making it ideal for handling high-volume drainage tasks efficiently.

🛠 Robust Stainless Steel

The SEYVUM pump features a robust stainless steel construction, providing exceptional corrosion resistance and durability. This guarantees reliable, long-term performance even in the toughest conditions.

🔊 Quiet Operation

This sump pump is Engineered for low-noise functionality, the pump operates quietly, making it suitable for residential use without disturbing the peace of your home or surroundings.

⚠ Overheat and Overload Protection

Features built-in automatic overheat and overload protection to prevent motor damage,significantly extending the pump's lifespan and ensuring reliable operation.

🛡18-Month Warranty

SEYVUM stands behind product with an 18-month after-sales service period.Should you encounter any issues, our professional customer service team is always ready to assist you.

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